Interface LdapAuthoritiesPopulator

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultLdapAuthoritiesPopulator, NullLdapAuthoritiesPopulator, UserDetailsServiceLdapAuthoritiesPopulator

public interface LdapAuthoritiesPopulator

Obtains a list of granted authorities for an Ldap user.

Used by the LdapAuthenticationProvider once a user has been authenticated to create the final user details object.

Method Summary
 Collection<GrantedAuthority> getGrantedAuthorities(DirContextOperations userData, String username)
          Get the list of authorities for the user.

Method Detail


Collection<GrantedAuthority> getGrantedAuthorities(DirContextOperations userData,
                                                   String username)
Get the list of authorities for the user.

userData - the context object which was returned by the LDAP authenticator.
the granted authorities for the given user.