Interface UserDetailsContextMapper

All Known Implementing Classes:
InetOrgPersonContextMapper, LdapUserDetailsMapper, PersonContextMapper

public interface UserDetailsContextMapper

Operations to map a UserDetails object to and from a Spring LDAP DirContextOperations implementation. Used by LdapUserDetailsManager when loading and saving/creating user information, and also by the LdapAuthenticationProvider to allow customization of the user data loaded during authentication.


Method Summary
 UserDetails mapUserFromContext(DirContextOperations ctx, String username, Collection<GrantedAuthority> authority)
          Creates a fully populated UserDetails object for use by the security framework.
 void mapUserToContext(UserDetails user, DirContextAdapter ctx)
          Reverse of the above operation.

Method Detail


UserDetails mapUserFromContext(DirContextOperations ctx,
                               String username,
                               Collection<GrantedAuthority> authority)
Creates a fully populated UserDetails object for use by the security framework.

ctx - the context object which contains the user information.
username - the user's supplied login name.
authority - the list of authorities which the user should be given.
the user object.


void mapUserToContext(UserDetails user,
                      DirContextAdapter ctx)
Reverse of the above operation. Populates a context object from the supplied user object. Called when saving a user, for example.