Web utility classes.


Interface Summary
RequestMatcher Simple strategy to match an HttpServletRequest.
ThrowableCauseExtractor Interface for handlers extracting the cause out of a specific Throwable type.
UrlMatcher Strategy for deciding whether configured path matches a submitted candidate URL.

Class Summary
AntUrlPathMatcher Ant path strategy for URL matching.
ELRequestMatcher A RequestMatcher implementation which uses a SpEL expression
IpAddressMatcher Matches a request based on IP Address or subnet mask matching against the remote address.
RedirectUrlBuilder Internal class for building redirect URLs.
RequestMatcherEditor PropertyEditor which creates ELRequestMatcher instances from Strings This allows to use a String in a BeanDefinition instead of an (inner) bean if a RequestMatcher is required, e.g.
TextEscapeUtils Internal utility for escaping characters in HTML strings.
ThrowableAnalyzer Handler for analyzing Throwable instances.
UrlUtils Provides static methods for composing URLs.

Package Description

Web utility classes.

Should not depend on any other framework classes.