Class AbstractConfiguredSecurityBuilder<O,B extends SecurityBuilder<O>>

Type Parameters:
O - The object that this builder returns
B - The type of this builder (that is returned by the base class)
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
AuthenticationManagerBuilder, HttpSecurity, WebSecurity

public abstract class AbstractConfiguredSecurityBuilder<O,B extends SecurityBuilder<O>> extends AbstractSecurityBuilder<O>

A base SecurityBuilder that allows SecurityConfigurer to be applied to it. This makes modifying the SecurityBuilder a strategy that can be customized and broken up into a number of SecurityConfigurer objects that have more specific goals than that of the SecurityBuilder.

For example, a SecurityBuilder may build an DelegatingFilterProxy, but a SecurityConfigurer might populate the SecurityBuilder with the filters necessary for session management, form based login, authorization, etc.

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