Class NoOpPasswordEncoder

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@Deprecated public final class NoOpPasswordEncoder extends Object implements PasswordEncoder
This PasswordEncoder is not secure. Instead use an adaptive one way function like BCryptPasswordEncoder, Pbkdf2PasswordEncoder, or SCryptPasswordEncoder. Even better use DelegatingPasswordEncoder which supports password upgrades. There are no plans to remove this support. It is deprecated to indicate that this is a legacy implementation and using it is considered insecure.
This PasswordEncoder is provided for legacy and testing purposes only and is not considered secure. A password encoder that does nothing. Useful for testing where working with plain text passwords may be preferred.
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    • encode

      public String encode(CharSequence rawPassword)
      Description copied from interface: PasswordEncoder
      Encode the raw password. Generally, a good encoding algorithm applies a SHA-1 or greater hash combined with an 8-byte or greater randomly generated salt.
      Specified by:
      encode in interface PasswordEncoder
    • matches

      public boolean matches(CharSequence rawPassword, String encodedPassword)
      Description copied from interface: PasswordEncoder
      Verify the encoded password obtained from storage matches the submitted raw password after it too is encoded. Returns true if the passwords match, false if they do not. The stored password itself is never decoded.
      Specified by:
      matches in interface PasswordEncoder
      rawPassword - the raw password to encode and match
      encodedPassword - the encoded password from storage to compare with
      true if the raw password, after encoding, matches the encoded password from storage
    • getInstance

      public static PasswordEncoder getInstance()
      Get the singleton NoOpPasswordEncoder.