All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, ClaimAccessor, OAuth2Token, IdTokenClaimAccessor, StandardClaimAccessor

public class OidcIdToken extends AbstractOAuth2Token implements IdTokenClaimAccessor
An implementation of an AbstractOAuth2Token representing an OpenID Connect Core 1.0 ID Token.

The OidcIdToken is a security token that contains "claims" about the authentication of an End-User by an Authorization Server.

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    • OidcIdToken

      public OidcIdToken(String tokenValue, Instant issuedAt, Instant expiresAt, Map<String,Object> claims)
      Constructs a OidcIdToken using the provided parameters.
      tokenValue - the ID Token value
      issuedAt - the time at which the ID Token was issued (iat)
      expiresAt - the expiration time (exp) on or after which the ID Token MUST NOT be accepted
      claims - the claims about the authentication of the End-User
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