Annotation Type CliAvailabilityIndicator

public @interface CliAvailabilityIndicator

Annotates a method that can indicate whether a particular command is presently available or not.

This annotation must only be applied to a public no-argument method that returns primitive boolean. The method should be inexpensive to evaluate, as this method can be called very frequently. If expensive operations are necessary to compute command availability, it is suggested the method return a boolean field that is maintained using the observer pattern.

It is possible that a particular availability method might be able to represent the availability status of multiple commands. As such, an availability indicator annotation will indicate the commands that it applies to. If a specific command has multiple aliases (ie by using an array for CliCommand.value()), only one of the commands need to be specified in the CliAvailabilityIndicator annotation.


Required Element Summary
 String[] value

Element Detail


public abstract String[] value
the name of the command or commands that this availability indicator represents