Interface Summary
CommandMarker Marker interface indicating a provider of one or more shell commands.
Converter<T> Converts between Strings (as displayed by and entered via the shell) and Java objects
ExecutionProcessor Extension interface allowing command provider to be called in a generic fashion just before, and right after, executing a command.
ExecutionStrategy Strategy interface to permit the controlled execution of methods.
Parser Interface for SimpleParser.
Shell Specifies the contract for an interactive shell.
ShellPromptAccessor Obtains the prompt used by a Shell.

Class Summary
AbstractShell Provides a base Shell implementation.
CliOptionContext Utility methods relating to shell option contexts
CliSimpleParserContext Utility methods relating to shell simple parser contexts.
ExitShellRequest An immutable representation of a request to exit the shell.
IdeTerminal Terminal used for debugging inside an IDE.
JLineCompletorAdapter An implementation of JLine's Completor interface that delegates to a Parser.
JLineLogHandler JDK logging Handler that emits log messages to a JLine ConsoleReader.
JLineShell Uses the feature-rich JLine library to provide an interactive shell.
JLineShellComponent Launcher for JLineShell.
MethodTarget A method that can be executed via a shell command.
ParserUtils Utilities for parsing.
SimpleExecutionStrategy Simple execution strategy for invoking a target method.
SimpleParser Default implementation of Parser.