Uses of Package

Core package of the Spring-WS client-side support.
Provides the ClientInterceptor interface, and validating interceptors.
Contains the MessageContext interface and implementations thereof.
Contains classes for server-side Spring-WS support.
Provides standard endpoint, and EndpointAdapter implementations.
Provides miscellaneous EndpointAdapter implementations.
Provides the MethodArgumentResolver and MethodReturnValueHandler abstractions, and various implementations thereof.
Provides JAXB2-based implementations of the MethodArgumentResolver and MethodReturnValueHandler interfaces.
Provides miscellaneous endpoints EndpointInterceptor implementations.
Provides miscellaneous endpoints EndpointMapping implementations.
Provides JAXB2-based EndpointMapping implementations.
Contains servers-side WS-Addressing support, in the form of EndpointMappings.
Provides WS-Security implementation classes.
Contains classes for using the Apache WSS4J 2.0 WS-Security implementation within Spring-WS.
Contains classes for SOAP-specific server-side Spring-WS support.
Provides EndpointAdapter, EndpointMapping, and EndpointExceptionResolver implementations for SOAP.
Provides miscellaneous endpoints EndpointInterceptor implementations for SOAP purposes.
Provides miscellaneous endpoints EndpointMapping implementations for SOAP purposes.
Contains the TransportRequest and TransportResponse interfaces.