Interface SoapFault

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Soap11Fault, Soap12Fault

public interface SoapFault extends SoapElement
Represents the Fault element in the body of a SOAP message.

A fault consists of a fault code, fault string/reason, and role.

Arjen Poutsma
  • Method Details

    • getFaultCode

      QName getFaultCode()
      Returns the fault code.
    • getFaultStringOrReason

      String getFaultStringOrReason()
      Returns the fault string or reason. For SOAP 1.1, this returns the fault string. For SOAP 1.2, this returns the fault reason for the default locale.
    • getFaultActorOrRole

      String getFaultActorOrRole()
      Returns the fault actor or role. For SOAP 1.1, this returns the actor. For SOAP 1.2, this returns the role.
    • setFaultActorOrRole

      void setFaultActorOrRole(String faultActor)
      Sets the fault actor. For SOAP 1.1, this sets the actor. For SOAP 1.2, this sets the role.
    • getFaultDetail

      SoapFaultDetail getFaultDetail()
      Returns the optional detail element for this SoapFault.
      a fault detail
    • addFaultDetail

      SoapFaultDetail addFaultDetail()
      Creates an optional SoapFaultDetail object and assigns it to this fault.
      the created detail