Interface Soap12Fault

All Superinterfaces:
SoapElement, SoapFault

public interface Soap12Fault extends SoapFault
Subinterface of SoapFault that exposes SOAP 1.2 functionality. Necessary because SOAP 1.1 differs from SOAP 1.2 with respect to SOAP Faults.
Arjen Poutsma
  • Method Details

    • getFaultSubcodes

      Iterator<QName> getFaultSubcodes()
      Returns an iteration over the fault subcodes. The subcodes are returned in order: from top to bottom.
      an Iterator that contains QNames representing the fault subcodes
    • addFaultSubcode

      void addFaultSubcode(QName subcode)
      Adds a fault subcode this fault.
      subcode - the qualified name of the subcode
    • getFaultNode

      String getFaultNode()
      Returns the fault node. Optional.
    • setFaultNode

      void setFaultNode(String uri)
      Sets the fault node.
    • setFaultReasonText

      void setFaultReasonText(Locale locale, String text)
      Sets the specified fault reason text.
    • getFaultReasonText

      String getFaultReasonText(Locale locale)
      Returns the reason associated with the given language.