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Packages that use InvalidXmlException
org.springframework.ws Provides the core functionality of the Spring Web Services framework. 
org.springframework.ws.transport.http Package providing support for handling messages via HTTP. 

Uses of InvalidXmlException in org.springframework.ws

Methods in org.springframework.ws that throw InvalidXmlException
 WebServiceMessage WebServiceMessageFactory.createWebServiceMessage(InputStream inputStream)
          Reads a WebServiceMessage from the given input stream.

Uses of InvalidXmlException in org.springframework.ws.transport.http

Methods in org.springframework.ws.transport.http with parameters of type InvalidXmlException
protected  void WebServiceMessageReceiverHandlerAdapter.handleInvalidXmlException(HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse httpServletResponse, Object handler, InvalidXmlException ex)
          Template method that is invoked when parsing the request results in a InvalidXmlException.

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