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Packages that use SoapHeader
org.springframework.ws.soap Provides the SOAP functionality of the Spring Web Services framework. 
org.springframework.ws.soap.soap11 Contains interfaces specific to SOAP 1.1. 
org.springframework.ws.soap.soap12 Contains interfaces specific to SOAP 1.2. 

Uses of SoapHeader in org.springframework.ws.soap

Methods in org.springframework.ws.soap that return SoapHeader
 SoapHeader SoapEnvelope.getHeader()
          Returns the SoapHeader.
 SoapHeader SoapMessage.getSoapHeader()
          Returns the SoapHeader associated with this SoapMessage.
 SoapHeader AbstractSoapMessage.getSoapHeader()
          Returns getEnvelope().getHeader().

Uses of SoapHeader in org.springframework.ws.soap.soap11

Subinterfaces of SoapHeader in org.springframework.ws.soap.soap11
 interface Soap11Header
          Subinterface of SoapHeader that exposes SOAP 1.1 functionality.

Uses of SoapHeader in org.springframework.ws.soap.soap12

Subinterfaces of SoapHeader in org.springframework.ws.soap.soap12
 interface Soap12Header
          Subinterface of SoapHeader that exposes SOAP 1.2 functionality.

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