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Packages that use SoapVersion
org.springframework.ws.soap Provides the SOAP functionality of the Spring Web Services framework. 
org.springframework.ws.soap.axiom AXis Object Model (AXIOM) support for Spring-WS' soap message infrastructure. 
org.springframework.ws.soap.saaj SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ) support for Spring-WS soap message infrastructure. 

Uses of SoapVersion in org.springframework.ws.soap

Fields in org.springframework.ws.soap declared as SoapVersion
static SoapVersion SoapVersion.SOAP_11
          Represents version 1.1 of the SOAP specification.
static SoapVersion SoapVersion.SOAP_12
          Represents version 1.2 of the SOAP specification.

Methods in org.springframework.ws.soap that return SoapVersion
 SoapVersion SoapMessage.getVersion()
          Returns the SOAP version of this message.
 SoapVersion AbstractSoapMessage.getVersion()

Methods in org.springframework.ws.soap with parameters of type SoapVersion
 void SoapMessageFactory.setSoapVersion(SoapVersion version)
          Sets the SOAP Version used by this factory.

Uses of SoapVersion in org.springframework.ws.soap.axiom

Methods in org.springframework.ws.soap.axiom with parameters of type SoapVersion
 void AxiomSoapMessageFactory.setSoapVersion(SoapVersion version)

Uses of SoapVersion in org.springframework.ws.soap.saaj

Methods in org.springframework.ws.soap.saaj with parameters of type SoapVersion
 void SaajSoapMessageFactory.setSoapVersion(SoapVersion version)

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