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Packages that use SoapEndpointMapping
org.springframework.ws.soap.addressing.server Contains servers-side WS-Addressing support, in the form of EndpointMappings
org.springframework.ws.soap.server.endpoint.mapping Provides miscellaneous endpoints EndpointMapping implementations for SOAP purposes. 

Uses of SoapEndpointMapping in org.springframework.ws.soap.addressing.server

Classes in org.springframework.ws.soap.addressing.server that implement SoapEndpointMapping
 class AbstractActionEndpointMapping
          Abstract base class for WS-Addressing Action-mapped EndpointMapping implementations.
 class AbstractActionMethodEndpointMapping
          Abstract base class for WS-Addressing Action-mapped EndpointMapping implementations that map to MethodEndpoints.
 class AbstractAddressingEndpointMapping
          Abstract base class for EndpointMapping implementations that handle WS-Addressing.
 class AnnotationActionEndpointMapping
          Implementation of the EndpointMapping interface that uses the @Action annotation to map methods to a WS-Addressing Action header.
 class SimpleActionEndpointMapping
          Implementation of the EndpointMapping interface to map from WS-Addressing Action Message Addressing Property to endpoint beans.

Uses of SoapEndpointMapping in org.springframework.ws.soap.server.endpoint.mapping

Classes in org.springframework.ws.soap.server.endpoint.mapping that implement SoapEndpointMapping
 class DelegatingSoapEndpointMapping
          EndpointMapping implement that adds SOAP actors or roles to a delegate endpoint.
 class SoapActionAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping
          Implementation of the EndpointMapping interface that uses the SoapAction annotation to map methods to the request SOAPAction header.
 class SoapActionEndpointMapping
          Deprecated. as of Spring Web Services 2.0, in favor of SoapActionAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping.

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