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Interface Soap11Fault

All Superinterfaces:
SoapElement, SoapFault

public interface Soap11Fault
extends SoapFault

Subinterface of SoapFault that exposes SOAP 1.1 functionality. Necessary because SOAP 1.1 differs from SOAP 1.2 with respect to SOAP Faults.

Arjen Poutsma

Method Summary
 Locale getFaultStringLocale()
          Returns the locale of the fault string.
Methods inherited from interface org.springframework.ws.soap.SoapFault
addFaultDetail, getFaultActorOrRole, getFaultCode, getFaultDetail, getFaultStringOrReason, setFaultActorOrRole
Methods inherited from interface org.springframework.ws.soap.SoapElement
addAttribute, addNamespaceDeclaration, getAllAttributes, getAttributeValue, getName, getSource, removeAttribute

Method Detail


Locale getFaultStringLocale()
Returns the locale of the fault string.

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