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Packages that use FaultAwareWebServiceConnection
org.springframework.ws.transport.http Package providing support for handling messages via HTTP. 

Uses of FaultAwareWebServiceConnection in org.springframework.ws.transport.http

Classes in org.springframework.ws.transport.http that implement FaultAwareWebServiceConnection
 class AbstractHttpSenderConnection
          Abstract base class for WebServiceConnection implementations that send request over HTTP.
 class CommonsHttpConnection
          Deprecated. In favor of HttpComponentsConnection
 class HttpComponentsConnection
          Implementation of WebServiceConnection that is based on Apache HttpClient.
 class HttpExchangeConnection
          Implementation of WebServiceConnection that is based on the Java 6 HttpServer HttpExchange.
 class HttpServletConnection
          Implementation of WebServiceConnection that is based on the Servlet API.
 class HttpUrlConnection
          Implementation of the WebServiceConnection interface that uses a HttpURLConnection.

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