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Packages that use AbstractMarshaller
org.springframework.oxm.castor Package providing integration of Castor within Springs O/X Mapping support. 
org.springframework.oxm.jibx Package providing integration of JiBX with Springs O/X Mapping support. 
org.springframework.oxm.xmlbeans Package providing integration of XMLBeans with Springs O/X Mapping support. 
org.springframework.oxm.xstream Package providing integration of XStream with Springs O/X Mapping support. 

Uses of AbstractMarshaller in org.springframework.oxm.castor

Subclasses of AbstractMarshaller in org.springframework.oxm.castor
 class CastorMarshaller
          Implementation of the Marshaller interface for Castor.

Uses of AbstractMarshaller in org.springframework.oxm.jibx

Subclasses of AbstractMarshaller in org.springframework.oxm.jibx
 class JibxMarshaller
          Implementation of the Marshaller and Unmarshaller interfaces for JiBX.

Uses of AbstractMarshaller in org.springframework.oxm.xmlbeans

Subclasses of AbstractMarshaller in org.springframework.oxm.xmlbeans
 class XmlBeansMarshaller
          Implementation of the Marshaller interface for XMLBeans.

Uses of AbstractMarshaller in org.springframework.oxm.xstream

Subclasses of AbstractMarshaller in org.springframework.oxm.xstream
 class AnnotationXStreamMarshaller
          Subclass of the XStreamMarshaller that supports JDK 1.5+ annotation metadata for aliases.
 class XStreamMarshaller
          Implementation of the Marshaller interface for XStream.

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