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org.springframework.ws.test.client Provides a testing framework for client-side Web service testing. 

Uses of RequestMatcher in org.springframework.ws.test.client

Methods in org.springframework.ws.test.client that return RequestMatcher
static RequestMatcher RequestMatchers.anything()
          Expects any request.
static RequestMatcher RequestMatchers.connectionTo(String uri)
          Expects a connection to the given URI.
static RequestMatcher RequestMatchers.connectionTo(URI uri)
          Expects a connection to the given URI.
 RequestMatcher RequestXPathExpectations.doesNotExist()
          Expects the XPath expression to not exist.
 RequestMatcher RequestXPathExpectations.evaluatesTo(boolean expectedValue)
          Expects the XPath expression to evaluate to the given boolean.
 RequestMatcher RequestXPathExpectations.evaluatesTo(double expectedValue)
          Expects the XPath expression to evaluate to the given double.
 RequestMatcher RequestXPathExpectations.evaluatesTo(int expectedValue)
          Expects the XPath expression to evaluate to the given integer.
 RequestMatcher RequestXPathExpectations.evaluatesTo(String expectedValue)
          Expects the XPath expression to evaluate to the given string.
 RequestMatcher RequestXPathExpectations.exists()
          Expects the XPath expression to exist.
static RequestMatcher RequestMatchers.payload(Resource payload)
          Expects the given Resource XML payload.
static RequestMatcher RequestMatchers.payload(Source payload)
          Expects the given Source XML payload.
static RequestMatcher RequestMatchers.soapEnvelope(Resource soapEnvelope)
          Expects the given Resource XML SOAP envelope.
static RequestMatcher RequestMatchers.soapEnvelope(Source soapEnvelope)
          Expects the given Source XML SOAP envelope.
static RequestMatcher RequestMatchers.soapHeader(QName soapHeaderName)
          Expects the given SOAP header in the outgoing message.
static RequestMatcher RequestMatchers.validPayload(Resource schema, Resource... furtherSchemas)
          Expects the payload to validate against the given XSD schema(s).

Methods in org.springframework.ws.test.client with parameters of type RequestMatcher
 ResponseActions ResponseActions.andExpect(RequestMatcher requestMatcher)
          Allows for further expectations to be set on the request.
 ResponseActions MockWebServiceServer.expect(RequestMatcher requestMatcher)
          Records an expectation specified by the given RequestMatcher.

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