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Packages that use MonitoringStrategy
org.springframework.ws.transport.mail Package providing support for handling messages via email. 
org.springframework.ws.transport.mail.monitor Provides the MonitoringStrategy interface and implementations. 

Uses of MonitoringStrategy in org.springframework.ws.transport.mail

Methods in org.springframework.ws.transport.mail with parameters of type MonitoringStrategy
 void MailMessageReceiver.setMonitoringStrategy(MonitoringStrategy monitoringStrategy)
          Sets the monitoring strategy to use for retrieving new requests.

Uses of MonitoringStrategy in org.springframework.ws.transport.mail.monitor

Classes in org.springframework.ws.transport.mail.monitor that implement MonitoringStrategy
 class AbstractMonitoringStrategy
          Abstract base class for the MonitoringStrategy interface.
 class ImapIdleMonitoringStrategy
          Implementation of the MonitoringStrategy interface that uses the IMAP IDLE command for asynchronous message detection.
 class PollingMonitoringStrategy
          Implementation of the MonitoringStrategy interface that uses a simple polling mechanism.
 class Pop3PollingMonitoringStrategy
          Implementation of the MonitoringStrategy interface that uses a simple polling mechanism suitable for POP3 servers.

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