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Packages that use XmlValidator
org.springframework.xml.validation Provides classes for XML validation in JAXP 1.0 and JAXP 1.3. 
org.springframework.xml.xsd Provides an abstraction over XSD XML schemas. 
org.springframework.xml.xsd.commons Contains a implementation of the XsdSchema interfaces that uses Apache WS-Commons XML Schema. 

Uses of XmlValidator in org.springframework.xml.validation

Methods in org.springframework.xml.validation that return XmlValidator
static XmlValidator XmlValidatorFactory.createValidator(Resource[] schemaResources, String schemaLanguage)
          Create a XmlValidator with the given schema resources and schema language type.
static XmlValidator XmlValidatorFactory.createValidator(Resource schemaResource, String schemaLanguage)
          Create a XmlValidator with the given schema resource and schema language type.

Uses of XmlValidator in org.springframework.xml.xsd

Methods in org.springframework.xml.xsd that return XmlValidator
 XmlValidator XsdSchemaCollection.createValidator()
          Creates a XmlValidator based on the schemas contained in this collection.
 XmlValidator XsdSchema.createValidator()
          Creates a XmlValidator based on the schema.
 XmlValidator SimpleXsdSchema.createValidator()

Uses of XmlValidator in org.springframework.xml.xsd.commons

Methods in org.springframework.xml.xsd.commons that return XmlValidator
 XmlValidator CommonsXsdSchemaCollection.createValidator()
 XmlValidator CommonsXsdSchema.createValidator()

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