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Packages that use AbstractJndiLocator
org.springframework.ejb.access This package contains classes that allow easy access to EJBs. 
org.springframework.jndi The classes in this package make JNDI easier to use, facilitating the accessing of configuration stored in JNDI, and provide useful superclasses for JNDI access classes. 

Uses of AbstractJndiLocator in org.springframework.ejb.access

Subclasses of AbstractJndiLocator in org.springframework.ejb.access
 class AbstractRemoteSlsbInvokerInterceptor
          Superclass for interceptors proxying remote Stateless Session Beans.
 class AbstractSlsbInvokerInterceptor
          Superclass for AOP interceptors invoking remote or local Stateless Session Beans.
 class LocalSlsbInvokerInterceptor
          Invoker for a local Stateless Session Bean.
 class LocalStatelessSessionProxyFactoryBean
          Convenient factory for local Stateless Session Bean (SLSB) proxies.
 class SimpleRemoteSlsbInvokerInterceptor
          Basic invoker for a remote Stateless Session Bean.
 class SimpleRemoteStatelessSessionProxyFactoryBean
          Convenient factory for remote SLSB proxies.

Uses of AbstractJndiLocator in org.springframework.jndi

Subclasses of AbstractJndiLocator in org.springframework.jndi
 class JndiObjectFactoryBean
          FactoryBean that looks up a JNDI object.

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