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Packages that use AopConfigException
org.springframework.aop.framework Package containing Spring's basic AOP infrastructure, compliant with the AOP Alliance interfaces.  

Uses of AopConfigException in org.springframework.aop.framework

Methods in org.springframework.aop.framework that throw AopConfigException
 void Advised.addInterceptor(Interceptor interceptor)
          Deprecated. in favor of addAdvice
 void Advised.addAdvice(Advice advice)
          Add the given AOP Alliance advice to the tail of the advice (interceptor) chain.
 void Advised.addInterceptor(int pos, Interceptor interceptor)
          Deprecated. in favor of addAdvice
 void Advised.addAdvice(int pos, Advice advice)
          Add the given AOP Alliance Advice at the specified position in the advice chain.
 void Advised.addAfterReturningAdvice(AfterReturningAdvice afterReturningAdvice)
          Deprecated. in favor of addAdvice
 void Advised.addBeforeAdvice(MethodBeforeAdvice beforeAdvice)
          Deprecated. in favor of addAdvice
 void Advised.addThrowsAdvice(ThrowsAdvice throwsAdvice)
          Deprecated. in favor of addAdvice
 void Advised.addAdvisor(Advisor advisor)
          Add an Advisor at the end of the advisor chain.
 void Advised.addAdvisor(int pos, Advisor advisor)
          Add an Advisor at the specified position in the chain.
 boolean Advised.removeAdvisor(Advisor advisor)
          Remove the given advisor.
 void Advised.removeAdvisor(int index)
          Remove the advisor at the given index.
 boolean Advised.removeAdvice(Advice advice)
          Remove the Advisor containing the given advice.
 boolean Advised.replaceAdvisor(Advisor a, Advisor b)
          Replace the given advisor.
 AopProxy AopProxyFactory.createAopProxy(AdvisedSupport advisedSupport)
          Return an AopProxy for the given AdvisedSupport object.
 AopProxy DefaultAopProxyFactory.createAopProxy(AdvisedSupport advisedSupport)
 void AdvisedSupport.addInterceptor(Interceptor interceptor)
          Deprecated. in favor of addAdvice
 void AdvisedSupport.addAdvice(Advice advice)
 void AdvisedSupport.addInterceptor(int pos, Interceptor interceptor)
          Deprecated. in favor of addAdvice
 void AdvisedSupport.addAdvice(int pos, Advice advice)
          Cannot add introductions this way unless the advice implements IntroductionInfo.
 boolean AdvisedSupport.removeInterceptor(Interceptor interceptor)
          Deprecated. in favor or removeAdvice
 boolean AdvisedSupport.removeAdvice(Advice advice)
          Remove the Advisor containing the given advice
 void AdvisedSupport.addAfterReturningAdvice(AfterReturningAdvice ara)
          Deprecated. in favor of addAdvice
 void AdvisedSupport.addBeforeAdvice(MethodBeforeAdvice ba)
          Deprecated. in favor of addAdvice
 void AdvisedSupport.addThrowsAdvice(ThrowsAdvice throwsAdvice)
          Deprecated. in favor of addAdvice
 void AdvisedSupport.removeAdvisor(int index)
 void AdvisedSupport.addAdvisor(int pos, IntroductionAdvisor advisor)
 void AdvisedSupport.addAdvisor(int pos, Advisor advisor)
 boolean AdvisedSupport.replaceAdvisor(Advisor a, Advisor b)
          Replace the given advisor.

Constructors in org.springframework.aop.framework that throw AopConfigException
JdkDynamicAopProxy(AdvisedSupport config)
          Construct a new JDK proxy.
Cglib2AopProxy(AdvisedSupport config)
          Create a new Cglib2AopProxy for the given config.
ProxyFactory(Object target)
          Create a new ProxyFactory.

Copyright (C) 2003-2004 The Spring Framework Project.