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Packages that use BeanWrapper
org.springframework.beans This package contains interfaces and classes for manipulating Java beans. Classes supporting the org.springframework.beans.factory package.  
org.springframework.validation Provides data binding and validation functionality, for usage in business and/or UI layers. 
org.springframework.web.filter Provides generic filter base classes allowing for bean-style configuration. 
org.springframework.web.servlet Provides servlets that integrate with the application context infrastructure, and the core interfaces and classes for the Spring web MVC framework.  

Uses of BeanWrapper in org.springframework.beans

Classes in org.springframework.beans that implement BeanWrapper
 class BeanWrapperImpl
          Default implementation of the BeanWrapper interface that should be sufficient for all typical use cases.

Methods in org.springframework.beans that return BeanWrapper
 BeanWrapper PropertyAccessExceptionsException.getBeanWrapper()
          Return the BeanWrapper that generated this exception.

Constructors in org.springframework.beans with parameters of type BeanWrapper
PropertyAccessExceptionsException(BeanWrapper beanWrapper, PropertyAccessException[] propertyAccessExceptions)
          Create a new PropertyAccessExceptionsException.

Uses of BeanWrapper in

Methods in that return BeanWrapper
protected  BeanWrapper AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory.instantiateUsingFactoryMethod(String beanName, RootBeanDefinition mergedBeanDefinition, Object[] args)
          Instantiate the bean using a named factory method.
protected  BeanWrapper AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory.autowireConstructor(String beanName, RootBeanDefinition mergedBeanDefinition)
          "autowire constructor" (with constructor arguments by type) behavior.
protected  BeanWrapper AbstractBeanFactory.createBeanWrapper(Object beanInstance)
          Create a new BeanWrapper for the given bean instance.

Methods in with parameters of type BeanWrapper
protected  void AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory.populateBean(String beanName, RootBeanDefinition mergedBeanDefinition, BeanWrapper bw)
          Populate the bean instance in the given BeanWrapper with the property values from the bean definition.
protected  void AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory.autowireByName(String beanName, RootBeanDefinition mergedBeanDefinition, BeanWrapper bw, MutablePropertyValues pvs)
          Fills in any missing property values with references to other beans in this factory if autowire is set to "byName".
protected  void AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory.autowireByType(String beanName, RootBeanDefinition mergedBeanDefinition, BeanWrapper bw, MutablePropertyValues pvs)
          Abstract method defining "autowire by type" (bean properties by type) behavior.
protected  String[] AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory.unsatisfiedObjectProperties(RootBeanDefinition mergedBeanDefinition, BeanWrapper bw)
          Return an array of object-type property names that are unsatisfied.
protected  void AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory.dependencyCheck(String beanName, RootBeanDefinition mergedBeanDefinition, BeanWrapper bw, PropertyValues pvs)
          Perform a dependency check that all properties exposed have been set, if desired.
protected  void AbstractBeanFactory.initBeanWrapper(BeanWrapper bw)
          Initialize the given BeanWrapper with the custom editors registered with this factory.

Uses of BeanWrapper in org.springframework.validation

Methods in org.springframework.validation that return BeanWrapper
protected  BeanWrapper DataBinder.getBeanWrapper()
          Return the underlying BeanWrapper of the Errors object.
protected  BeanWrapper BindException.getBeanWrapper()
          Return the BeanWrapper that this instance uses.

Uses of BeanWrapper in org.springframework.web.filter

Methods in org.springframework.web.filter with parameters of type BeanWrapper
protected  void GenericFilterBean.initBeanWrapper(BeanWrapper bw)
          Initialize the BeanWrapper for this GenericFilterBean, possibly with custom editors.

Uses of BeanWrapper in org.springframework.web.servlet

Methods in org.springframework.web.servlet with parameters of type BeanWrapper
protected  void HttpServletBean.initBeanWrapper(BeanWrapper bw)
          Initialize the BeanWrapper for this HttpServletBean, possibly with custom editors.

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