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Packages that use ThemeSource
org.springframework.ui.context Contains classes defining the application context subinterface for UI applications. Classes supporting the org.springframework.ui.context package.  
org.springframework.web.context Contains the application context subinterface for web applications, and the ContextLoaderListener that bootstraps the root web application context. Classes supporting the org.springframework.web.context package, such as WebApplicationContext implementations, and a utility class for retrieval of the root application context etc. 

Uses of ThemeSource in org.springframework.ui.context

Subinterfaces of ThemeSource in org.springframework.ui.context
 interface HierarchicalThemeSource
          Sub-interface of ThemeSource to be implemented by objects that can resolve theme messages hierarchically.

Methods in org.springframework.ui.context that return ThemeSource
 ThemeSource HierarchicalThemeSource.getParentThemeSource()
          Return the parent of this ThemeSource, or null if none.

Methods in org.springframework.ui.context with parameters of type ThemeSource
 void HierarchicalThemeSource.setParentThemeSource(ThemeSource parent)
          Set the parent that will be used to try to resolve theme messages that this object can't resolve.

Uses of ThemeSource in

Classes in that implement ThemeSource
 class ResourceBundleThemeSource
          ThemeSource implementation that looks up an individual ResourceBundle per theme.

Methods in that return ThemeSource
static ThemeSource UiApplicationContextUtils.initThemeSource(ApplicationContext context)
          Initialize the ThemeSource for the given application context, auto-detecting a bean with the name "themeSource".
 ThemeSource ResourceBundleThemeSource.getParentThemeSource()

Methods in with parameters of type ThemeSource
 void ResourceBundleThemeSource.setParentThemeSource(ThemeSource parent)

Uses of ThemeSource in org.springframework.web.context

Subinterfaces of ThemeSource in org.springframework.web.context
 interface ConfigurableWebApplicationContext
          Interface to be implemented by configurable web application contexts.
 interface WebApplicationContext
          Interface to provide configuration for a web application.

Uses of ThemeSource in

Classes in that implement ThemeSource
 class AbstractRefreshableWebApplicationContext
          AbstractRefreshableApplicationContext subclass that implements the ConfigurableWebApplicationContext interface for web environments.
 class StaticWebApplicationContext
          Static WebApplicationContext implementation for testing.
 class XmlWebApplicationContext
          WebApplicationContext implementation that takes configuration from an XML document, understood by an XmlBeanDefinitionReader.

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