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org.springframework.ui.context Contains classes defining the application context subinterface for UI applications. Classes supporting the org.springframework.ui.context package. Classes supporting the org.springframework.web.context package, such as WebApplicationContext implementations, and a utility class for retrieval of the root application context etc. Support classes for Spring's web MVC framework. 

Uses of Theme in org.springframework.ui.context

Methods in org.springframework.ui.context that return Theme
 Theme ThemeSource.getTheme(String themeName)
          Return the Theme instance for the given theme name.

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Classes in that implement Theme
 class SimpleTheme
          Default Theme implementation, wrapping a name and an underlying MessageSource.

Methods in that return Theme
 Theme ResourceBundleThemeSource.getTheme(String themeName)
          This implementation returns a SimpleTheme instance, holding a ResourceBundle-based MessageSource whose basename corresponds to the given theme name (prefixed by the configured "basenamePrefix").
 Theme DelegatingThemeSource.getTheme(String themeName)

Methods in with parameters of type Theme
protected  void ResourceBundleThemeSource.initParent(Theme theme)
          Initialize the MessageSource of the given theme with the one from the corresponding parent of this ThemeSource.

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Methods in that return Theme
 Theme StaticWebApplicationContext.getTheme(String themeName)
 Theme GenericWebApplicationContext.getTheme(String themeName)
 Theme AbstractRefreshableWebApplicationContext.getTheme(String themeName)

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Methods in that return Theme
protected  Theme RequestContext.getFallbackTheme()
          Determine the fallback theme for this context.
 Theme RequestContext.getTheme()
          Return the current theme.
static Theme RequestContextUtils.getTheme(HttpServletRequest request)
          Retrieves the current theme from the given request, using the ThemeResolver bound to the request by the DispatcherServlet.

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