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Packages that use SessionAwareMessageListener
org.springframework.jms.listener This package contains the base message listener container facility. 
org.springframework.jms.listener.adapter Message listener adapter mechanism that delegates to target listener methods, converting messages to appropriate message content types (such as String or byte array) that get passed into listener methods. 
org.springframework.jms.remoting Remoting classes for transparent Java-to-Java remoting via a JMS provider. 

Uses of SessionAwareMessageListener in org.springframework.jms.listener

Methods in org.springframework.jms.listener with parameters of type SessionAwareMessageListener
protected  void AbstractMessageListenerContainer.doInvokeListener(SessionAwareMessageListener listener, Session session, Message message)
          Invoke the specified listener as Spring SessionAwareMessageListener, exposing a new JMS Session (potentially with its own transaction) to the listener if demanded.

Uses of SessionAwareMessageListener in org.springframework.jms.listener.adapter

Classes in org.springframework.jms.listener.adapter that implement SessionAwareMessageListener
 class MessageListenerAdapter
          Message listener adapter that delegates the handling of messages to target listener methods via reflection, with flexible message type conversion.
 class MessageListenerAdapter102
          A MessageListenerAdapter subclass for the JMS 1.0.2 specification, not relying on JMS 1.1 methods like MessageListenerAdapter itself.

Uses of SessionAwareMessageListener in org.springframework.jms.remoting

Classes in org.springframework.jms.remoting that implement SessionAwareMessageListener
 class JmsInvokerServiceExporter
          JMS message listener that exports the specified service bean as a JMS service endpoint, accessible via a JMS invoker proxy.

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