Uses of Interface

Packages that use ParameterMapper
org.springframework.jdbc.core Provides the core JDBC framework, based on JdbcTemplate and its associated callback interfaces and helper objects. 
org.springframework.jdbc.object The classes in this package represent RDBMS queries, updates, and stored procedures as threadsafe, reusable objects. 

Uses of ParameterMapper in org.springframework.jdbc.core

Methods in org.springframework.jdbc.core with parameters of type ParameterMapper
 CallableStatementCreator CallableStatementCreatorFactory.newCallableStatementCreator(ParameterMapper inParamMapper)
          Return a new CallableStatementCreator instance given this parameter mapper.

Uses of ParameterMapper in org.springframework.jdbc.object

Methods in org.springframework.jdbc.object with parameters of type ParameterMapper
 Map StoredProcedure.execute(ParameterMapper inParamMapper)
          Execute the stored procedure.
protected  CallableStatementCreator SqlCall.newCallableStatementCreator(ParameterMapper inParamMapper)
          Return a CallableStatementCreator to perform an operation with the parameters returned from this ParameterMapper.

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