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Packages that use SqlParameter
org.springframework.jdbc.core Provides the core JDBC framework, based on JdbcTemplate and its associated callback interfaces and helper objects. 
org.springframework.jdbc.core.metadata Context metadata abstraction for the configuration and execution of a stored procedure call. 
org.springframework.jdbc.core.simple Simplification layer over JdbcTemplate for Java 5 and above. 
org.springframework.jdbc.object The classes in this package represent RDBMS queries, updates, and stored procedures as threadsafe, reusable objects. 

Uses of SqlParameter in org.springframework.jdbc.core

Subclasses of SqlParameter in org.springframework.jdbc.core
 class ResultSetSupportingSqlParameter
          Common base class for ResultSet-supporting SqlParameters like SqlOutParameter and SqlReturnResultSet.
 class SqlInOutParameter
          Subclass of SqlOutParameter to represent an INOUT parameter.
 class SqlOutParameter
          Subclass of SqlParameter to represent an output parameter.
 class SqlParameterValue
          Object to represent a SQL parameter value, including parameter metadata such as the SQL type and the scale for numeric values.
 class SqlReturnResultSet
          Represents a returned ResultSet from a stored procedure call.
 class SqlReturnUpdateCount
          Represents a returned update count from a stored procedure call.

Methods in org.springframework.jdbc.core with parameters of type SqlParameter
 void PreparedStatementCreatorFactory.addParameter(SqlParameter param)
          Add a new declared parameter.
 void CallableStatementCreatorFactory.addParameter(SqlParameter param)
          Add a new declared parameter.
static void StatementCreatorUtils.setParameterValue(PreparedStatement ps, int paramIndex, SqlParameter param, Object inValue)
          Set the value for a parameter.

Constructors in org.springframework.jdbc.core with parameters of type SqlParameter
SqlParameter(SqlParameter otherParam)
          Copy constructor.
SqlParameterValue(SqlParameter declaredParam, Object value)
          Create a new SqlParameterValue based on the given SqlParameter declaration.

Uses of SqlParameter in org.springframework.jdbc.core.metadata

Methods in org.springframework.jdbc.core.metadata that return SqlParameter
 SqlParameter GenericCallMetaDataProvider.createDefaultInOutParameter(String parameterName, CallParameterMetaData meta)
 SqlParameter CallMetaDataProvider.createDefaultInOutParameter(String parameterName, CallParameterMetaData meta)
          Create a default inout parameter based on the provided meta data.
 SqlParameter GenericCallMetaDataProvider.createDefaultInParameter(String parameterName, CallParameterMetaData meta)
 SqlParameter CallMetaDataProvider.createDefaultInParameter(String parameterName, CallParameterMetaData meta)
          Create a default in parameter based on the provided meta data.
 SqlParameter GenericCallMetaDataProvider.createDefaultOutParameter(String parameterName, CallParameterMetaData meta)
 SqlParameter PostgresCallMetaDataProvider.createDefaultOutParameter(String parameterName, CallParameterMetaData meta)
 SqlParameter OracleCallMetaDataProvider.createDefaultOutParameter(String parameterName, CallParameterMetaData meta)
 SqlParameter CallMetaDataProvider.createDefaultOutParameter(String parameterName, CallParameterMetaData meta)
          Create a default out parameter based on the provided meta data.
 SqlParameter CallMetaDataContext.createReturnResultSetParameter(String parameterName, RowMapper rowMapper)
          Create a ReturnResultSetParameter/SqlOutParameter depending on the support provided by the JDBC driver used for the database in use.

Methods in org.springframework.jdbc.core.metadata that return types with arguments of type SqlParameter
 List<SqlParameter> CallMetaDataContext.getCallParameters()
          Get the List of SqlParameter objects to be used in call execution

Method parameters in org.springframework.jdbc.core.metadata with type arguments of type SqlParameter
 void CallMetaDataContext.processParameters(List<SqlParameter> parameters)
          Process the list of parameters provided and if procedure column metedata is used the parameters will be matched against the metadata information and any missing ones will be automatically included

Uses of SqlParameter in org.springframework.jdbc.core.simple

Methods in org.springframework.jdbc.core.simple that return types with arguments of type SqlParameter
protected  List<SqlParameter> AbstractJdbcCall.getCallParameters()
          Get a List of all the call parameters to be used for call.

Methods in org.springframework.jdbc.core.simple with parameters of type SqlParameter
 void AbstractJdbcCall.addDeclaredParameter(SqlParameter parameter)
          Add a declared parameter to the list of parameters for the call.
 SimpleJdbcCallOperations SimpleJdbcCallOperations.declareParameters(SqlParameter... sqlParameters)
          Specify one or more parameters if desired.
 SimpleJdbcCall SimpleJdbcCall.declareParameters(SqlParameter... sqlParameters)

Uses of SqlParameter in org.springframework.jdbc.object

Methods in org.springframework.jdbc.object with parameters of type SqlParameter
 void StoredProcedure.declareParameter(SqlParameter param)
          Declare a parameter.
 void RdbmsOperation.declareParameter(SqlParameter param)
          Declare a parameter for this operation.
 void RdbmsOperation.setParameters(SqlParameter[] parameters)
          Add one or more declared parameters.

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