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Packages that use ResourceHolder
org.springframework.jca.cci.connection Provides a utility class for easy ConnectionFactory access, a PlatformTransactionManager for local CCI transactions, and various simple ConnectionFactory proxies/adapters. 
org.springframework.jms.connection Provides a PlatformTransactionManager implementation for a single JMS ConnectionFactory, and a SingleConnectionFactory adapter. 
org.springframework.orm.hibernate3 Package providing integration of Hibernate3 with Spring concepts. 
org.springframework.orm.jdo Package providing integration of JDO (Java Date Objects) with Spring concepts. 
org.springframework.orm.jpa Package providing integration of JPA (Java Persistence API) with Spring concepts. Support classes for the org.springframework.transaction package. 

Uses of ResourceHolder in org.springframework.jca.cci.connection

Classes in org.springframework.jca.cci.connection that implement ResourceHolder
 class ConnectionHolder
          Connection holder, wrapping a CCI Connection.

Uses of ResourceHolder in org.springframework.jms.connection

Classes in org.springframework.jms.connection that implement ResourceHolder
 class JmsResourceHolder
          JMS resource holder, wrapping a JMS Connection and a JMS Session.

Uses of ResourceHolder in org.springframework.orm.hibernate3

Classes in org.springframework.orm.hibernate3 that implement ResourceHolder
 class SessionHolder
          Session holder, wrapping a Hibernate Session and a Hibernate Transaction.

Uses of ResourceHolder in org.springframework.orm.jdo

Classes in org.springframework.orm.jdo that implement ResourceHolder
 class PersistenceManagerHolder
          Holder wrapping a JDO PersistenceManager.

Uses of ResourceHolder in org.springframework.orm.jpa

Classes in org.springframework.orm.jpa that implement ResourceHolder
 class EntityManagerHolder
          Holder wrapping a JPA EntityManager.

Uses of ResourceHolder in

Classes in that implement ResourceHolder
 class ResourceHolderSupport
          Convenient base class for resource holders.

Methods in with parameters of type ResourceHolder
protected  void ResourceHolderSynchronization.cleanupResource(ResourceHolder resourceHolder, Object resourceKey, boolean committed)
          Perform a cleanup on the given resource (which is left bound to the thread).
protected  void ResourceHolderSynchronization.processResourceAfterCommit(ResourceHolder resourceHolder)
          After-commit callback for the given resource holder.
protected  void ResourceHolderSynchronization.releaseResource(ResourceHolder resourceHolder, Object resourceKey)
          Release the given resource (after it has been unbound from the thread).

Constructors in with parameters of type ResourceHolder
ResourceHolderSynchronization(ResourceHolder resourceHolder, Object resourceKey)
          Create a new ResourceHolderSynchronization for the given holder.

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