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Packages that use AbstractAspectJAdvice
org.springframework.aop.aspectj AspectJ integration package. 

Uses of AbstractAspectJAdvice in org.springframework.aop.aspectj

Subclasses of AbstractAspectJAdvice in org.springframework.aop.aspectj
 class AspectJAfterAdvice
          Spring AOP advice wrapping an AspectJ after advice method.
 class AspectJAfterReturningAdvice
          Spring AOP advice wrapping an AspectJ after-returning advice method.
 class AspectJAfterThrowingAdvice
          Spring AOP advice wrapping an AspectJ after-throwing advice method.
 class AspectJAroundAdvice
          Spring AOP around advice (MethodInterceptor) that wraps an AspectJ advice method.
 class AspectJMethodBeforeAdvice
          Spring AOP advice that wraps an AspectJ before method.

Constructors in org.springframework.aop.aspectj with parameters of type AbstractAspectJAdvice
AspectJPointcutAdvisor(AbstractAspectJAdvice advice)
          Create a new AspectJPointcutAdvisor for the given advice

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