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Packages that use AutowireCandidateResolver
org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation Support package for annotation-driven bean configuration. Classes supporting the org.springframework.beans.factory package. 

Uses of AutowireCandidateResolver in org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation

Classes in org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation that implement AutowireCandidateResolver
 class QualifierAnnotationAutowireCandidateResolver
          AutowireCandidateResolver implementation that matches bean definition qualifiers against qualifier annotations on the field or parameter to be autowired.

Uses of AutowireCandidateResolver in

Classes in that implement AutowireCandidateResolver
 class SimpleAutowireCandidateResolver
          AutowireCandidateResolver implementation to use when Java version is less than 1.5 and therefore no annotation support is available.

Methods in that return AutowireCandidateResolver
 AutowireCandidateResolver DefaultListableBeanFactory.getAutowireCandidateResolver()
          Return the autowire candidate resolver for this BeanFactory (never null).

Methods in with parameters of type AutowireCandidateResolver
 void DefaultListableBeanFactory.setAutowireCandidateResolver(AutowireCandidateResolver autowireCandidateResolver)
          Set a custom autowire candidate resolver for this BeanFactory to use when deciding whether a bean definition should be considered as a candidate for autowiring.

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