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Class BeanDefinitionParserDelegate

Stateful delegate class used to parse XML bean definitions. Intended for use by both the main parser and any extension BeanDefinitionParsers or BeanDefinitionDecorators. @author Rob Harrop @author Juergen Hoeller @author Rod Johnson @author Mark Fisher @author Gary Russell @since 2.0 @see ParserContext @see DefaultBeanDefinitionDocumentReader
Class BeanDefinitionParserDelegate, AbstractBeanDefinition parseBeanDefinitionElement(Element, String, BeanDefinition)

Parse the bean definition itself, without regard to name or aliases. May return null if problems occuredoccurred during the parseparsing of the bean definition.
Class BeanDefinitionParserDelegate, void populateDefaults(DocumentDefaultsDefinition, DocumentDefaultsDefinition, Element)

Populate the given DocumentDefaultsDefinition instance with the default lazy-init, autowire, dependency check settings, init-method, destroy-method and merge settings. Support nested 'beans' element use cases by falling back to parentDefaults in case the defaults are not explicitly set locally. @param defaults the defaults to populate @param defaultsparentDefaults the parent BeanDefinitionParserDelegate (if any) defaults to fall back to @param root the root element of the current bean definition document (or nested beans element)