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Class AnnotationCacheOperationSource

Implementation of the CacheOperationSource interface for working with caching metadata in annotation format.

This class reads Spring's Cacheable, CachePut and CacheEvict annotations and exposes corresponding caching operation definition to Spring's cache infrastructure. This class may also serve as base class for a custom {@code CacheOperationSource}. @author Costin Leau @author Juergen Hoeller @since 3.1

Class CacheAnnotationParser, Collection<CacheOperation> parseCacheAnnotations(AnnotatedElement)

Parses the cache definition for the given method or class, based on a known annotation type.

This essentially parses a known cache annotation into Spring's metadata attribute class. Returns {@code null} if the method/class is not cacheable. @param ae the annotated method or class @return CacheOperation the configured caching operation, or {@code null} if none was found @see AnnotationCacheOperationSource#determineCacheOperationdetermineCacheOperations(AnnotatedElement)

Class CachingConfigurationSelector

Selects which implementation of AbstractCachingConfiguration should be used based on the value of EnableCaching.mode on the importing {@code @Configuration} class. @author Chris Beams @since 3.1 @see EnableCaching @see ProxyCachingConfiguration @see AnnotationConfigUtils.#CACHE_ASPECT_CONFIGURATION_CLASS_NAME