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Class AbstractEnterpriseBean

Base class for Spring-based EJB 2.x beans. Not intended for direct subclassing: Extend AbstractStatelessSessionBean, AbstractStatefulSessionBean or AbstractMessageDrivenBean instead.

Provides a standard way of loading a Spring BeanFactory. Subclasses act as a facade, with the business logic deferred to beans in the BeanFactory. Default is to use a org.springframework.context.access.ContextJndiBeanFactoryLocator, which will initialize an XML ApplicationContext from the class path (based on a JNDI name specified). For a different locator strategy, setBeanFactoryLocator may be called (before your EJB's ejbCreate method is invoked, e.g. in setSessionContext). For use of a shared ApplicationContext between multiple EJBs, where the container class loader setup supports this visibility, you may instead use a org.springframework.context.access.ContextSingletonBeanFactoryLocator. Alternatively, .setBeanFactoryLocator may be called with a custom implementation of the org.springframework.beans.factory.access.BeanFactoryLocator interface.

Note that we cannot use final for our implementation of EJB lifecycle methods, as this would violate the EJB specification. @author Rod Johnson @author Colin Sampaleanu @author Juergen Hoeller @see org.springframework.context.access.ContextJndiBeanFactoryLocator @see org.springframework.context.access.ContextSingletonBeanFactoryLocatorContextSingletonBeanFactoryLocator @deprecated as of Spring 3.2, in favor of implementing EJBs in EJB 3 style

Class AbstractJmsMessageDrivenBean

Convenient base class for JMS-based EJB 2.x MDBs. Requires subclasses to implement the JMS javax.jms.MessageListener interface. @author Rod JohnsonJohnson @deprecated as of Spring 3.2, in favor of implementing EJBs in EJB 3 style

Class AbstractMessageDrivenBean

Convenient base class for EJB 2.x MDBs. Doesn't require JMS, as EJB 2.1 MDBs are no longer JMS-specific; see the AbstractJmsMessageDrivenBean subclass.

This class ensures that subclasses have access to the MessageDrivenContext provided by the EJB container, and implement a no-arg ejbCreate() method as required by the EJB specification. This ejbCreate() method loads a BeanFactory, before invoking the onEjbCreate() method, which is supposed to contain subclass-specific initialization.

NB: We cannot use final methods to implement EJB API methods, as this violates the EJB specification. However, there should be no need to override the setMessageDrivenContext or ejbCreate() methods. @author Rod JohnsonJohnson @deprecated as of Spring 3.2, in favor of implementing EJBs in EJB 3 style

Class AbstractSessionBean

Base class for Spring-based EJB 2.x session beans. Not intended for direct subclassing: Extend AbstractStatelessSessionBean or AbstractStatefulSessionBean instead.

This class saves the session context provided by the EJB container in an instance variable and exposes it through the SmartSessionBean interface. @author Rod Johnson @author Juergen HoellerHoeller @deprecated as of Spring 3.2, in favor of implementing EJBs in EJB 3 style

Class AbstractStatefulSessionBean

Convenient base class for EJB 2.x stateful session beans (SFSBs). SFSBs should extend this class, leaving them to implement the ejbActivate() and ejbPassivate() lifecycle methods to comply with the requirements of the EJB specification.

Note: Subclasses should invoke the loadBeanFactory() method in their custom ejbCreate() and ejbActivate() methods, and should invoke the unloadBeanFactory() method in their ejbPassivate method.

Note: The default BeanFactoryLocator used by this class's superclass (ContextJndiBeanFactoryLocator) is not serializable. Therefore, when using the default BeanFactoryLocator, or another variant which is not serializable, subclasses must call setBeanFactoryLocator(null) in ejbPassivate(), with a corresponding call to setBeanFactoryLocator(xxx) in ejbActivate() unless relying on the default locator. @author Rod Johnson @author Colin Sampaleanu @see org.springframework.context.access.ContextJndiBeanFactoryLocatorContextJndiBeanFactoryLocator @deprecated as of Spring 3.2, in favor of implementing EJBs in EJB 3 style

Class AbstractStatelessSessionBean

Convenient base class for EJB 2.x stateless session beans (SLSBs), minimizing the work involved in implementing an SLSB and preventing common errors. Note that SLSBs are the most useful kind of EJB.

As the ejbActivate() and ejbPassivate() methods cannot be invoked on SLSBs, these methods are implemented to throw an exception and should not be overriden by subclasses. (Unfortunately the EJB specification forbids enforcing this by making EJB lifecycle methods final.)

There should be no need to override the setSessionContext() or ejbCreate() lifecycle methods.

Subclasses are left to implement the onEjbCreate() method to do whatever initialization they wish to do after their BeanFactory has already been loaded, and is available from the getBeanFactory() method.

This class provides the no-arg ejbCreate() method required by the EJB specification, but not the SessionBean interface, eliminating a common cause of EJB deployment failure. @author Rod JohnsonJohnson @deprecated as of Spring 3.2, in favor of implementing EJBs in EJB 3 style

Class SmartSessionBean

Interface to be implemented by Session Beans that want to expose important state to cooperating classes.

Implemented by Spring's AbstractSessionBean class and hence by all of Spring's specific Session Bean support classes, such as AbstractStatelessSessionBean and AbstractStatefulSessionBean. @author Juergen Hoeller @since 1.2 @see AbstractStatelessSessionBean @see AbstractStatefulSessionBeanAbstractStatefulSessionBean @deprecated as of Spring 3.2, in favor of implementing EJBs in EJB 3 style