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Class AbstractTestNGSpringContextTests

Abstract base test class which integrates the the Spring TestContext Framework with explicit explicit ApplicationContext testing support in a TestNG environment.

Concrete subclasses:

@author Sam Brannen @author Juergen Hoeller @since 2.5 @see TestContext @see TestContextManager @see TestExecutionListeners @see AbstractTransactionalTestNGSpringContextTests @see org.springframework.test.context.junit38.AbstractJUnit38SpringContextTests @see org.springframework.test.context.junit4.AbstractJUnit4SpringContextTests

Class AbstractTransactionalTestNGSpringContextTests

Abstract Transactional transactional extension of AbstractTestNGSpringContextTests which adds convenience functionality for JDBC access. Expects a DataSource bean and a PlatformTransactionManager bean to be defined in the Spring ApplicationContext application context.

This class exposes a SimpleJdbcTemplateJdbcTemplate and provides an easy way to #countRowsInTable count the number of rows in a table (potentially #countRowsInTableWhere with a WHERE clause), #deleteFromTables delete from the databasetables, #dropTables drop tables, and #executeSqlScript execute SQL scripts within a a transaction.

Concrete subclasses must fulfill the same requirements outlined in AbstractTestNGSpringContextTests. @author Sam Brannen @author Juergen Hoeller @since 2.5 @see AbstractTestNGSpringContextTests @see org.springframework.test.context.ContextConfiguration @see org.springframework.test.context.TestExecutionListeners @see org.springframework.test.context.transaction.TransactionalTestExecutionListener @see org.springframework.test.context.transaction.TransactionConfiguration @see org.springframework.transaction.annotation.Transactional @see org.springframework.test.annotation.NotTransactional @see org.springframework.test.annotation.Rollback @see org.springframework.test.jdbccontext.SimpleJdbcTestUtils transaction.BeforeTransaction @see org.springframework.test.context.junit38transaction.AfterTransaction @see org.springframework.test.jdbc.AbstractTransactionalJUnit38SpringContextTests JdbcTestUtils @see org.springframework.test.context.junit4.AbstractTransactionalJUnit4SpringContextTests

Class AbstractTransactionalTestNGSpringContextTests, int deleteFromTables(String[])

Convenience method for deleting all rows from the specified tables. UseUse with caution outside of a transaction! @param names the names of the tables from which to delete @return the total number of rows deleted from all specified tables
Class AbstractTransactionalTestNGSpringContextTests, void executeSqlScript(String, boolean)

Execute the given SQL script. Use with caution outside of a transaction!

The script will normally be loaded by classpath. There should be one statement one statement per line. Any semicolons will be removed. Do not use thisthis method to execute execute DDL if you expect rollback. @param sqlResourcePath the Spring resource path for the SQL script @param continueOnError whether or not to continue without throwing an exception in the event of an error @throws DataAccessException if there is an error executing a statement and continueOnError was false

Class AbstractTransactionalTestNGSpringContextTests, void setDataSource(DataSource)

Set the {@code DataSource}, typically provided via Dependency Injection. @param

This dataSourcemethod also instantiates the DataSource.simpleJdbcTemplate and .jdbcTemplate toinstance injectvariables.

Class AbstractTransactionalTestNGSpringContextTests, SimpleJdbcTemplate simpleJdbcTemplate

The {@code SimpleJdbcTemplate} that this base class manages, available to subclasses. @deprecated As of Spring 3.2, use .jdbcTemplate instead.