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Class OC4JJtaTransactionManager

Special JtaTransactionManager variant for Oracle OC4J (10.1.3 and higher). Supports the full power of Spring's transaction definitions on OC4J's transaction coordinator, beyond standard JTA: transaction names and per-transaction isolation levels.

Uses OC4J's special begin(name) method to start a JTA transaction, in orderto make Spring-driven transactions visible in OC4J's transaction monitor. In case of Spring's declarative transactions, the exposed name will (by default) be the fully-qualified class name + "." + method name.

Supports a per-transaction isolation level through OC4J's corresponding OC4JTransaction.setTransactionIsolation(int) method. This will apply the specified isolation level (e.g. ISOLATION_SERIALIZABLE) to all JDBC Connections that participate in the given transaction.

Automatically detects the available OC4J server version and adapts accordingly. Supports the "com.evermind.server" package in OC4J as well as the "oracle.j2ee.transaction" package in later OC4J versions.

By default, the JTA UserTransaction and TransactionManager handles are fetched directly from OC4J's TransactionUtility in This can be overridden by specifying "userTransaction"/"userTransactionName" and "transactionManager"/"transactionManagerName", passing in existing handles or specifying corresponding JNDI locations to look up.

Thanks to Oracle for donating the original version of this extended OC4J integration code to the Spring project! @author Paul Parkinson @author Juergen Hoeller @since 2.0.3 @see org.springframework.transaction.TransactionDefinition#getName @see org.springframework.transaction.TransactionDefinition#getIsolationLevel @seedeprecated oracle.j2ee.transactionas of Spring 3.OC4JTransactionManager#begin(String)2, in favor of WebLogicJtaTransactionManager @seesince oracle.j2ee.transaction.OC4JTransaction#setTransactionIsolation Oracle @seeend-of-lifed oracle.j2ee.transaction.TransactionUtilityOC4J in favor of WebLogic