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Class org.springframework.web.util.UrlPathHelper

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Added Methods
(Map<String, String>decodePathVariables(HttpServletRequest, Map<String, String>) Decode the given URI path variables via .decodeRequestString(HttpServletRequest, String) unless .setUrlDecode(boolean) is set to {@code true} in which case it is assumed the URL path from which the variables were extracted is already decoded through a call to .getLookupPathForRequest(HttpServletRequest).
String removeSemicolonContent(String) Remove ";" (semicolon) content from the given request URI if the #setRemoveSemicolonContent(boolean) removeSemicolonContent property is set to "true".
void setRemoveSemicolonContent(boolean) Set if ";" (semicolon) content should be stripped from the request URI.
boolean shouldRemoveSemicolonContent() Whether configured to remove ";" (semicolon) content from the request URI.