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Package org.springframework.expression.spel.ast

Added Classes and Interfaces
OpDec Decrement operator.
OpInc Increment operator.
ValueRef Represents a reference to a value.
ValueRef.NullValueRef A ValueRef for the null value.
ValueRef.TypedValueHolderValueRef A ValueRef holder for a single value, which cannot be set.

Changed Classes
AstUtils Utilities methods for use in the Ast classes.
CompoundExpression Represents a DOT separated expression sequence, such as 'property1.property2.methodOne()'
Indexer An Indexer can index into some proceeding structure to access a particular piece of it.
MethodReference @author Andy Clement
OpAnd Represents the boolean AND operation.
OpOr Represents the boolean OR operation.
OperatorNot Represents a NOT operation.
Projection Represents projection, where a given operation is performed on all elements in some input sequence, returning a new sequence of the same size.
PropertyOrFieldReference Represents a simple property or field reference.
Selection Represents selection over a map or collection.
SpelNodeImpl The common supertype of all AST nodes in a parsed Spring Expression Language format expression.
TypeReference Represents a reference to a type, for example "T(String)" or "T(com.somewhere.Foo)"
VariableReference Represents a variable reference, eg.