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Added Classes
LiveBeansViewServlet Servlet variant of LiveBeansView's MBean exposure.
ServletContextLiveBeansView LiveBeansView subclass which looks for all ApplicationContexts in the web application, as exposed in ServletContext attributes.

Changed Classes
AbstractRefreshableWebApplicationContext subclass which implements the org.springframework.web.context.ConfigurableWebApplicationContext interface for web environments.
AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext WebApplicationContext implementation which accepts annotated classes as input - in particular @Configuration-annotated classes, but also plain @Component classes and JSR-330 compliant classes using {@code javax.inject} annotations.
GenericWebApplicationContext Subclass of GenericApplicationContext, suitable for web environments.
StandardServletEnvironment Environment implementation to be used by {@code Servlet}-based web applications.
WebApplicationContextUtils Convenience methods for retrieving the root org.springframework.web.context.WebApplicationContext for a given ServletContext.