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Package org.springframework.web.servlet.config.annotation

Added Classes
AsyncSupportConfigurer Helps with configuring a options for asynchronous request processing.
ContentNegotiationConfigurer Helps with configuring a ContentNegotiationManager.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
DefaultServletHandlerConfigurer Configures a request handler for serving static resources by forwarding the request to the Servlet container's "default" Servlet.
DelegatingWebMvcConfiguration A sub-class of {@code WebMvcConfigurationSupport} that detects and delegates to all beans of type WebMvcConfigurer allowing them to customize the configuration provided by {@code WebMvcConfigurationSupport}.
InterceptorRegistration Assists with the creation of a MappedInterceptor.
InterceptorRegistry Helps with configuring a list of mapped interceptors.
WebMvcConfigurationSupport This is the main class providing the configuration behind the MVC Java config.
WebMvcConfigurer Defines callback methods to customize the Java-based configuration for Spring MVC enabled via {@code @EnableWebMvc}.
WebMvcConfigurerAdapter An implementation of WebMvcConfigurer with empty methods allowing sub-classes to override only the methods they're interested in.