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Package org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.method.annotation

Added Classes
AsyncTaskMethodReturnValueHandler Handles return values of type WebAsyncTask.
CallableMethodReturnValueHandler Handles return values of type Callable.
DeferredResultMethodReturnValueHandler Handles return values of type DeferredResult.
MatrixVariableMapMethodArgumentResolver Resolves method arguments of type Map annotated with @MatrixVariable where the annotation the does not specify a name.
MatrixVariableMethodArgumentResolver Resolves method arguments annotated with an @PathParam.
PathVariableMapMethodArgumentResolver Resolves Map method arguments annotated with an @PathVariable where the annotation does not specify a path variable name.
ResponseEntityExceptionHandler A convenient base class for @ControllerAdvice classes that wish to provide centralized exception handling across all {@code @RequestMapping} methods through {@code @ExceptionHandler} methods.

Changed Classes
AbstractMessageConverterMethodArgumentResolver A base class for resolving method argument values by reading from the body of a request with HttpMessageConverters.
AbstractMessageConverterMethodProcessor Extends AbstractMessageConverterMethodArgumentResolver with the ability to handle method return values by writing to the response with HttpMessageConverters.
ExceptionHandlerExceptionResolver An AbstractHandlerMethodExceptionResolver that resolves exceptions through {@code @ExceptionHandler} methods.
HttpEntityMethodProcessor Resolves HttpEntity method argument values and also handles both HttpEntity and ResponseEntity return values.
PathVariableMethodArgumentResolver Resolves method arguments annotated with an @PathVariable.
RequestMappingHandlerAdapter An AbstractHandlerMethodAdapter that supports HandlerMethods with the signature -- method argument and return types, defined in {@code @RequestMapping}.
RequestMappingHandlerMapping Creates RequestMappingInfo instances from type and method-level @RequestMapping annotations in @Controller classes.
RequestPartMethodArgumentResolver Resolves the following method arguments:
  • Annotated with {@code @RequestPart}
  • Of type MultipartFile in conjunction with Spring's MultipartResolver abstraction
  • Of type {@code javax.servlet.http.Part} in conjunction with Servlet 3.0 multipart requests
RequestResponseBodyMethodProcessor Resolves method arguments annotated with {@code @RequestBody} and handles return values from methods annotated with {@code @ResponseBody} by reading and writing to the body of the request or response with an HttpMessageConverter.
ServletModelAttributeMethodProcessor A Servlet-specific org.springframework.web.method.annotation.ModelAttributeMethodProcessor that applies data binding through a WebDataBinder of type ServletRequestDataBinder.