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Class DateFormatterRegistrar

Configures Date formatting for use with Spring.

Designed for direct instantiation but also exposes the static .addDateConverters(ConverterRegistry) utility method for ad hoc useuse against any any {@code ConverterRegistry} instance. @author Phillip Webb @since 3.2 @see org.springframework.format.datetime.joda.JodaTimeFormatterRegistrar @see FormatterRegistrar#registerFormatters

Class DateFormatterRegistrar, void setFormatter(DateFormatter)

Set the date formatter to register. If not specified the default DateFormatter will be used. This method can be used if additional formatter configuration is required. @param dateFormatter the date formatter

Class DateTimeFormatAnnotationFormatterFactory

Formats fields annotated with the DateTimeFormat annotation using a DateFormatter. @author Phillip Webb @seesince JodaDateTimeFormatAnnotationFormatterFactory 3.2 @sincesee 3org.springframework.format.datetime.joda.2JodaDateTimeFormatAnnotationFormatterFactory