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Class AssertionErrors, void assertEquals(String, Object, Object)

AssertsAssert that two objects are equal. If not,raise an AssertionError is if not.

For thrownexample: with

 theassertEquals("Response givenheader message.[" + name + "]", actual, expected);
@param message describes the message value being checked @param expected the expected value @param actual the actual value
Class AssertionErrors, void assertTrue(String, boolean)

Asserts that aAssert the given condition is {@code true}. If not,and throwsraise an AssertionError withif the given messageit is not. @param message the message @param condition the condition to test for
Class AssertionErrors, void fail(String)

Fails a test with the given message. @param message describes the messagereason for the failure
Class AssertionErrors, void fail(String, Object, Object)

Fails a test with the given message passing along expected and actual values to be added to the message.

For example given:

 assertEquals("Response header [" + name + "]", actual, expected);

The resulting message is:

 Response header [Accept] expected:<application/json> but was:<text/plain>
@param message describes the message value that failed the match @param expected the expected value @param actual the actual value

Class JsonPathExpectationsHelper, void assertValue(String, <any>)

Evaluate the JSONPath and assert the resulting value with the given {@code Matcher}. @param content the response content @param matcher the matcher to assert on the resulting json path