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Added Classes
GenericGroovyXmlContextLoader Concrete implementation of AbstractGenericContextLoader that reads bean definitions from Groovy scripts and XML configuration files.

Changed Classes
AbstractContextLoader Abstract application context loader that provides a basis for all concrete implementations of the ContextLoader SPI.
AbstractTestContextBootstrapper Abstract implementation of the TestContextBootstrapper interface which provides most of the behavior required by a bootstrapper.
AbstractTestExecutionListener Abstract implementation of the TestExecutionListener interface which provides empty method stubs.
DefaultTestContextBootstrapper Default implementation of the TestContextBootstrapper SPI.
DependencyInjectionTestExecutionListener {@code TestExecutionListener} which provides support for dependency injection and initialization of test instances.
DirtiesContextTestExecutionListener {@code TestExecutionListener} which provides support for marking the {@code ApplicationContext} associated with a test as dirty for both test classes and test methods configured with the @DirtiesContext annotation.