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Package org.springframework.web.servlet.resource

Removed Classes
ContentBasedVersionStrategy A {@code VersionStrategy} that handles version strings as a Hex MD5 hash in resource file names.

Added Classes and Interfaces
File name-based {@code VersionPathStrategy}, e.g.
A prefix-based {@code VersionPathStrategy}, e.g.
ContentVersionStrategy A {@code VersionStrategy} that calculates an Hex MD5 hashes from the content of the resource and appends it to the file name, e.g.
VersionPathStrategy A strategy for extracting and embedding a resource version in its URL path.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
AbstractVersionStrategy Abstract base class for VersionStrategy implementations.
FixedVersionStrategy A {@code VersionStrategy} that relies on a fixed version applied as a request path prefix, e.g.
VersionResourceResolver A {@code ResourceResolver} that resolves request paths containing a version string, i.e.
VersionStrategy An extension of VersionPathStrategy that adds a method to determine the actual version of a Resource.