Spring Tool Suite & Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.6.0: New and Noteworthy

General Updates

Distribution changes to be Eclipse Luna 4.4 and skip native installers

While we still provide update repositories and Eclipse Marketplace entries that allow you to install and update Eclipse 3.7-4.3 based versions of STS and GGTS, we are shipping the pre-build distributions based on the latest Eclipse version only from now on. This is going to be Eclipse Luna 4.4 for STS/GGTS 3.6.0.

In addition to that we also reduce the number of download variants and will provide 64bit and 32bit zipped downloads of STS and GGTS only. There will be no native installers for STS/GGTS anymore.

Eclipse Luna and Java8

Eclipse Luna is the first version of Eclipse to include Java8 support built right in (it was previously available as a separate patch for Eclipse Kepler). The full New and Noteworthy for Eclipse Luna is accessible here.

Pivotal tc Server Developer Edition updated to 2.9.6

STS and GGTS now ship with the latest Pivotal tc Server Developer Edition 2.9.6.

Groovy/Grails updates

Spring Tooling

The New Spring Starter Project wizard now provides additional option:

Gradle Tooling

Gradle Tasks view now displays description for each task.

Quick Tasks Launcher action now has Alt-Shift-Ctrl-R key binding associated with it.

Content assist for Gradle tasks Quick Tasks Launcher dialog and Gradle Tasks Launch Configuration is now activated on the input of any any alpha-numeric character from the keyboard.


Issues resolved in this release

Here is a full list of resolved bugs and enhancement requests for 3.6.0:

STS/GGTS issue tracker

Spring IDE issue tracker

Groovy-Eclipse issue tracker

Useful Links

Download STS: https://spring.io/tools/sts/all

Download GGTS: https://spring.io/tools/ggts/all

STS/GGTS forum: https://forum.spring.io/forum/spring-projects/springsource-tool-suite

STS/GGTS Issue tracker: https://issuetracker.springsource.com/browse/STS

Known issues in this release

Check for Updates throws an error when updating from STS 3.5.1

Doing a "Check for Updates" of STS to an existing installation throws an error about a problem with the Groovy-Eclipse JDT patch feature. In that case, disable the Groovy-Eclipse JDT patch feature from the list of components to update and continue.

Dashboard and Retina Displays

When running STS/GGTS on top of a JDK7, the new dashboard looks a bit blurry when using a HiRes (Retina) display, for example on a Retina MacBook Pro. This is due to the underlying browser technology that is used to display the dashboard content and that is coming from JavaFX. The JavaFX version that ships with JDK7 doesn't support retina displays. The solution for this is to run STS/GGTS on top of a JDK8 build. The JavaFX version that comes with JDK8 supports retina displays.

Setting the JDK

STS and GGTS requires a JDK to run on top of. Nevertheless the native launcher component might pick up a JRE automatically if you don't specifiy which JDK to run STS/GGTS on top of. To avoid this, you can specify the JDK in the sts.ini file that comes with your STS/GGTS installation. Add a line at the beginning "-vm" and an additional line below that which points to the "javaw" executable of the JDK on your machine.

Issues on Linux (GTK3)

Eclipse 4.4, upon which STS and GGTS are based, is the first Eclipse release where GTK3 is the default for the SWT widget library. There are some issues with this still:

You may also experience other UI rendering glitches. If you exprience any of these problems you can avoid them by forcing SWT to switch back to using GTK2. Just set the environment variable "SWT_GTK3=0" before launching STS or GGTS.

New and Noteworthy for previous releases

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