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Packages that use ItemReader
org.springframework.batch.core.step.item Specific implementations of step concerns for item-oriented approach. 
org.springframework.batch.item Infrastructure interfaces and primary dependencies for item concerns. 
org.springframework.batch.item.adapter Adapters for Plain Old Java Objects. 
org.springframework.batch.item.database Infrastructure implementations of database based item readers and writers. 
org.springframework.batch.item.file Infrastructure implementations of io file concerns. 
org.springframework.batch.item.jms Internal support package  
org.springframework.batch.item.xml Infrastructure implementations of xml input and output. 

Uses of ItemReader in example

Classes in example that implement ItemReader
 class ExampleItemReader
          ItemReader with hard-coded input data.

Uses of ItemReader in org.springframework.batch.core.step.item

Fields in org.springframework.batch.core.step.item declared as ItemReader
protected  ItemReader<? extends I> SimpleChunkProvider.itemReader

Methods in org.springframework.batch.core.step.item that return ItemReader
protected  ItemReader<? extends T> SimpleStepFactoryBean.getItemReader()
          Protected getter for the ItemReader for subclasses to use.

Methods in org.springframework.batch.core.step.item with parameters of type ItemReader
 void SimpleStepFactoryBean.setItemReader(ItemReader<? extends T> itemReader)

Constructors in org.springframework.batch.core.step.item with parameters of type ItemReader
FaultTolerantChunkProvider(ItemReader<? extends I> itemReader, RepeatOperations repeatOperations)
SimpleChunkProvider(ItemReader<? extends I> itemReader, RepeatOperations repeatOperations)

Uses of ItemReader in org.springframework.batch.item

Subinterfaces of ItemReader in org.springframework.batch.item
 interface ItemStreamReader<T>
          Convenience interface that combines ItemStream and ItemReader .

Uses of ItemReader in org.springframework.batch.item.adapter

Classes in org.springframework.batch.item.adapter that implement ItemReader
 class ItemReaderAdapter<T>
          Invokes a custom method on a delegate plain old Java object which itself provides an item.

Uses of ItemReader in org.springframework.batch.item.database

Classes in org.springframework.batch.item.database that implement ItemReader
 class AbstractPagingItemReader<T>
          Abstract ItemReader for to extend when reading database records in a paging fashion.
 class HibernateCursorItemReader<T>
          ItemReader for reading database records built on top of Hibernate.
 class IbatisPagingItemReader<T>
           ItemReader for reading database records using iBATIS in a paging fashion.
 class JdbcCursorItemReader<T>
           Simple item reader that opens a JDBC cursor and continually retrieves the next row in the ResultSet.
 class JdbcPagingItemReader<T>
          ItemReader for reading database records using JDBC in a paging fashion.
 class JpaPagingItemReader<T>
          ItemReader for reading database records built on top of JPA.

Uses of ItemReader in org.springframework.batch.item.file

Subinterfaces of ItemReader in org.springframework.batch.item.file
 interface ResourceAwareItemReaderItemStream<T>
          Interface for ItemReaders that implement ItemStream and read input from Resource.

Classes in org.springframework.batch.item.file that implement ItemReader
 class FlatFileItemReader<T>
          Restartable ItemReader that reads lines from input FlatFileItemReader.setResource(Resource).
 class MultiResourceItemReader<T>
          Reads items from multiple resources sequentially - resource list is given by MultiResourceItemReader.setResources(Resource[]), the actual reading is delegated to MultiResourceItemReader.setDelegate(ResourceAwareItemReaderItemStream).

Uses of ItemReader in org.springframework.batch.item.jms

Classes in org.springframework.batch.item.jms that implement ItemReader
 class JmsItemReader<T>
          An ItemReader for JMS using a JmsTemplate.

Uses of ItemReader in

Classes in that implement ItemReader
 class AbstractItemCountingItemStreamItemReader<T>
          Abstract superclass for ItemReaders that supports restart by storing item count in the ExecutionContext (therefore requires item ordering to be preserved between runs).
 class AbstractItemStreamItemReader<T>
          Base class for ItemReader implementations.
 class ListItemReader<T>
          An ItemReader that pulls data from a list.

Uses of ItemReader in org.springframework.batch.item.xml

Classes in org.springframework.batch.item.xml that implement ItemReader
 class StaxEventItemReader<T>
          Item reader for reading XML input based on StAX.

Uses of ItemReader in org.springframework.batch.sample.common

Classes in org.springframework.batch.sample.common that implement ItemReader
 class InfiniteLoopReader
          ItemReader implementation that will continually return a new object.
 class StagingItemReader<T>
          Thread-safe database ItemReader implementing the process indicator pattern.

Uses of ItemReader in org.springframework.batch.sample.domain.multiline

Classes in org.springframework.batch.sample.domain.multiline that implement ItemReader
 class AggregateItemReader<T>
          An ItemReader that delivers a list as its item, storing up objects from the injected ItemReader until they are ready to be packed out as a collection.

Methods in org.springframework.batch.sample.domain.multiline with parameters of type ItemReader
 void AggregateItemReader.setItemReader(ItemReader<AggregateItem<T>> itemReader)

Uses of ItemReader in org.springframework.batch.sample.domain.order.internal

Classes in org.springframework.batch.sample.domain.order.internal that implement ItemReader
 class OrderItemReader

Methods in org.springframework.batch.sample.domain.order.internal with parameters of type ItemReader
 void OrderItemReader.setFieldSetReader(ItemReader<FieldSet> fieldSetReader)

Uses of ItemReader in

Classes in that implement ItemReader
 class GeneratingTradeItemReader
          Generates configurable number of Trade items.

Uses of ItemReader in

Classes in that implement ItemReader
 class ExceptionThrowingItemReaderProxy<T>
          Hacked ItemReader that throws exception on a given record number (useful for testing restart).

Methods in with parameters of type ItemReader
 void ExceptionThrowingItemReaderProxy.setDelegate(ItemReader<T> delegate)

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