Class DelegatingFilterProxyRegistrationBean

All Implemented Interfaces:
Aware, BeanNameAware, ServletContextInitializer, ApplicationContextAware, Ordered

public class DelegatingFilterProxyRegistrationBean extends AbstractFilterRegistrationBean<DelegatingFilterProxy> implements ApplicationContextAware
A ServletContextInitializer to register DelegatingFilterProxys in a Servlet 3.0+ container. Similar to the registration features provided by ServletContext but with a Spring Bean friendly design.

The bean name of the actual delegate Filter should be specified using the targetBeanName constructor argument. Unlike the FilterRegistrationBean, referenced filters are not instantiated early. In fact, if the delegate filter bean is marked @Lazy it won't be instantiated at all until the filter is called.

Registrations can be associated with URL patterns and/or servlets (either by name or through a ServletRegistrationBeans). When no URL pattern or servlets are specified the filter will be associated to '/*'. The targetBeanName will be used as the filter name if not otherwise specified.

Phillip Webb
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