Interface Summary
MongoPersistentProperty Mongo specific PersistentProperty implementation.

Class Summary
BasicMongoPersistentEntity<T> Mongo specific PersistentEntity implementation that adds Mongo specific meta-data such as the collection name and the like.
BasicMongoPersistentProperty Mongo specific PersistentProperty implementation.
CachingMongoPersistentProperty MongoPersistentProperty caching access to CachingMongoPersistentProperty.isIdProperty() and CachingMongoPersistentProperty.getFieldName().
MongoSimpleTypes Simple constant holder for a SimpleTypeHolder enriched with Mongo specific simple types.

Enum Summary
MongoPersistentProperty.PropertyToFieldNameConverter Simple Converter implementation to transform a MongoPersistentProperty into its field name.

Annotation Types Summary
DBRef An annotation that indicates the annotated field is to be stored using a com.mongodb.DBRef
Document Identifies a domain object to be persisted to MongoDB.
Field Annotation to define custom metadata for document fields.

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